Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

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Posters and Talks

Kota, M. (2019, July). Spermatophore retention may accommodate signal loss in pacific field crickets. Paper presented at the 2019 Animal Behavior Society & International Ethological Conference.

Kota, M. (2018, May). Why Does Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Persist? Poster presented at the
2018 Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Foundations poster session.

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Kota, M., Northrup, J. Wagener, B., & Warden, D. (2016, April). Dear Enemy or Nasty Neighbor: Territorial Male Cardinal Response to Playback Calls. Poster presented at the 2016 Oglethorpe PRISM (Presentations in Science and Mathematics) symposium.

Boldon, A., Choudhry, L., Gregerson, J., & Kota, M. (2015, April). Effort or Distance: Testing Efficacy of Communication in Honeybees. Poster presented at the 2015 Oglethorpe PRISM (Presentations in Science and Mathematics) symposium.

Almeida, A., Gregerson, J., Kota, M., & Scott, B. (2014, April). Edge Effect: Nest Predation Rates in a Forest Fragment. Poster presented at the 2014 Oglethorpe University Liberal Arts & Sciences Symposium.